In safety today, particularly in UK and the companies that I am lucky enough to work with, our Systems and Procedures are pretty much water tight.  The Antecedents as Cooper calls them (HSG 48, 1999) are all there to influence our people to do what they should do to stay safe.  However, human behaviour is not quite as simple as that, humans are prone to failure and develop habits that are hard to break, or so we may think!

Accessing Our Behaviours

Yet our habits are changed all the time in our daily lives.  Sales and marketing professionals, even therapists and sports psychologists have developed very effective ways of changing our habits almost without us even realising!
If only we could do the same in safety?  Well we can, we just need to approach things in exactly the same way and equip ourselves with the same tools!Think of the last time that you changed a habit, perhaps even changed a habit of a lifetime.  How did it happen?  Who or What was involved in prompting you to break that habit?  Consider if there were any precursors such as an Attitude or even a change in your Values or Beliefs.What then happened in your own very personal CBT cycle (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the relationship between our Thoughts, our Feelings and then Actons to start to create that change in habit.

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