Your Questions Answered and a FREE Preview Lesson

Thanks for signing up to attend our webinar, we hope you discovered how Performance Psychology can be applied to enhance safety performance.

We’ve created a short ELearning Module to answer some of the questions that we might not have had time to address during the session.

There’s also an extract from a preview lesson taken from one of our fully online IOSH Certificated Performance Psychology for Health, Safety and Wellbeing program.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the identified characteristics for developing excellence.

4 thoughts on “IOSH Webinar – ELearning Module”

  1. Calvin Wahlberg

    A great course that I highly recommend be done by all levels of management including leading hands, supervisors, managers and executive management. It opens your eyes to how each individual can have immediate and long lasting positive effect within the work environment in any workplace big or small.

  2. The Course I took was motivating and enjoyable and reminds us of the many techniques we originally used to encourage effective H&S, very well done putting it together (although I wonder if I should have done the first course first rather than just the second).

    I also like the article that the lass wrote emphasising lessons in Chess and on Benjamin Bloom principles on training; Remember knowledge, Understand (which is more important than recital as expected in many H&S courses/diplomas) knowledge, and then Apply, to help ‘make it stick’.

  3. The course (Performance Psychology) I took was really fascinating and quite easy to learn with many materials in place. Most concepts is practical to apply in daily basic as a safety professional. Some concepts and ideas is outside from the box that some of us as a safety professional never though about.
    I like the course which include the reflection journal in each modules that allow us to reflect and though on what we learn so far through the progress.

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