IOSH Approved Training Team

BSST was created by Darren in 2010 with a realisation that safety was much more than compliance. We like to shift people’s attitudes towards a culture of care and a focus on performance "in the now" just like it is in other areas of elite performance

We believe that performance excellence in safety, is driven by effective leadership and by creating a culture of care, rather than mere compliance. We enjoy working with leaders and their organisations who are already great – and have a desire to become even better in the future.

Any organisation is only as good as its people. We’re here to help you create the environment for them to excel, engage and inspire.


Darren Sutton

Darren Sutton is a Performance Psychologist and the only safety professional in the world who holds an MSc in performance psychology. He’s  developed several innovative IOSH Certificated programs which focus on performance, leadership and behaviour. These include Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety, Performance Psychology for Safety, Health & Wellbeing and the original Behavioural Safety Leadership Program..

He’s passionate about helping people and their organisations to become the very best that they can be – and who want to go beyond compliance, towards sustainable excellence in safety performance. Darren has held a variety of leadership roles in some of the most challenging environments in the world and works with some of the biggest organisations in the UK and across the globe.

His hobbies include ocean swimming and live music.  

Linda Barrett

Linda is a founder member of BSST with Darren and develops meaningful relationships with our long-term partners. She supports and guides learners through our programs from the outset and through to successful completion.

Linda is an experienced and thought-provoking facilitator and delivers programs to the workforce at the operational level.

She shares Darren’s passion for travel, live music and ocean swimming.

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Anne Macdonald

Anne cares about better mental wellbeing and performance in workplaces, sport and education. And so she made it her domain of work.

This decision followed a 14-year international career with Decathlon, the sports retailer; starting as an intern and finishing as HR Director. 

She has been an executive coach since 2012, has an MSc in Performance Psychology and is a qualified Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction teacher.

She designs and delivers bespoke mindfulness programmes in organisations for workplaces since 2017, which is also the topic of her current Doctoral research.

When not working, you will find either with family, on a mountain or in the sea.

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Zach Murphy

Zach holds an MSc in Performance Psychology. Zach was raised in the wild Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where he developed a deep appreciation for nature and a zest for outdoor adventure. From childhood he was involved in performance, both in sport and performing arts, playing a variety of sports and even traveling as a performer internationally. 

As an adult, his experience in Special Operations and continued participation in sports, such as tennis and ultra-marathons, has honed his performance mindset. His approach stems from a deep interest and passion for leadership development. His other areas of interest include self-care, talent development, self-leadership theories, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence. His applied experience has been in venture capital, founding non-profit leadership development, health and wellness and holistic health, and online training development for mental skills.

Zach also served 6 years in the U.S. Army Special Operations, where he developed as a leader, built personal resilience, and developed a passion for performance psychology and self-care.