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IOSH Approved Behavioural Safety Leadership Programme – ONLINE VERSION

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We’re delighted that such a globally respected professional body like IOSH have formally approved this course.  This is still the only Behavioural Safety Leadership Programme that has full IOSH certification.

On successful completion of this programme, all necessary training materials including ppt slides and other useful resources are provided to enable you to deliver similar programmes within your own organisation or to your client base.

For those that would like a recognised Behavioural Safety or Safety Leadership qualification, this is the course for you.

 Some recent feedback from this course

“We both had this buzz of energy and excitement about the course and the future direction of our training.  The teaching methods and theories that we learned….We just did not want the course to end!

Kenny – Safety Professional, Paramedic and Business Owner

“The course was absolutely fantastic! I hammered it out in a day whilst my advisor spaced his out over 3 – 4 sittings. The course was full of useful videos from the trainer, TED Talks, presentations and assessments at the end of each section to verify learning and understanding. The course has inspired me and revived my love for health safety and changing behaviours. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is short of time (and budget) to be away from the office”

Mandy – Safety Professional

“Excellent course all round. Highly recommended to all those who want to make a positive impact in safety”

Lawrence – Front Line Leader

“I’ve learnt so much from this programme, really looking forward to sharing my new knowledge”

Unwana – MSc Graduate and Business Owner



1.2 – Culture and its Impact on Safety Performance

Length: 30 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Intermediate

Culture can be defined as “the collective values, attitudes and beliefs that effect the behaviour and performance of individuals at all levels”. Or, “The way we do things around here”. Safety behaviours and performance will be determined by our culture.

1.3 – The Importance of Engagement

Length: 10 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Beginner

Meaningful engagement unlocks discretionary effort. It is a key component of Servant Leadership and critical to influencing behaviour is safety. This lesson looks at how we can do this better.

2.1 – Swiss Cheese Theory

Length: 45 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Beginner

Accidents are rarely due to one human failure. It’s usually a combination of many failures throughout the leadership chain. This lesson explores how disasters occur and how to stop them.

2.2 – Types of Human Failure

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

There are different types of human failure, this lesson highlights each category and explores what can be done to minimise them.

2.3 – Let’s Focus on Violations

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

Ok, so let's try and get a good understanding of the type of human failure that we call violations.  These are perhaps the easiest type of human failure to understand and they are actually quite common.  A violation is when an individual knows what they should be doing as they have been trained or they [...]

2.4 – And Now Mistakes

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

Mistakes can be sub-divided into two categories.  There are Knowledge Based mistakes and Rule Based mistakes.  Try not to confuse the Rule Based mistakes with Violations, the terminology often confuses people.  Let's explore exactly what we mean by MISTAKES. And here are the slides that we use to explain mistakes again using our speeding on [...]

2.5 – and Finally, Slips and Lapses

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

Slips and lapses of concentration are quite easy to understand as most people will be familiar with either forgetting to do something, being distracted or perhaps rushing to get something done and not completing a task as it should have been done.  These are all examples of a slip or lapse in concentration.  Here's another [...]

3.1 – Behavioural Change Models

Length: 30 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Intermediate

This lesson will explore some of the ways that behaviour changes. We need to understand this if we want to change people’s behaviour in safety.

3.2 – Conscious and Subconscious Thought

Length: 30 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Beginner

This lesson will describe the differences between Conscious thought and Sub-conscious thought and highlight their relevance to behaviour.

4.2 – The Impact of Language on Behaviour

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

The way we communicate can have a huge impact on behaviour. This lesson will look at three key words and how best to deploy them for maximum impact on safety performance

4.3 – Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Motivators

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

Incentivising performance usually leads to all kinds of unwanted behaviours. This lesson will highlight the many perils of incentivising performance.

5.1 – Introduction to ABC Analysis

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

ABC Analysis provides the cornerstone of successful behavioural safety programmes throughout the world. This lesson highlights how we can use this model to first analyse and then change behaviours in safety.

5.2 – ABC Analysis in Practice

Course Teacher: Darren Sutton

In this lesson, you will learn how to apply the principles of ABC Analysis using practical examples     ABC Analysis is a great way to analyse peoples behaviour.  Once we understand that here might be flaws in our Antecedents or Activators and that our Consequences might be misaligned then we can then start to [...]

6.1 – Goal Setting for High Performance

Length: 20 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Intermediate

Effective Goal Setting is an important part of driving performance. In Performance Psychology we have developed ways of driving success which is much more sustainable than the traditional SMART target approach. This lesson looks at some of the best ways to set goals for optimum and sustainable high performance.

6.2 – Sustainable Change

Length: 20 minutesCourse Teacher: Darren SuttonComplexity: Beginner

It’s important to make sure that our learning sticks and becomes embedded throughout our organisation. This lesson identifies the most effective ways of doing that.